The Neural Map-Work of A Devolved ART-SCIENCE

Electronic Exigency

Kvetch: The OED defines the word ‘kvetch’ as ‘to complain about something all the time,’ now what brings my wit, emotional intelligence and mental capacity to an oft-repeated claim is that the state of our nation embroiled in natural, social, political, national and international quagmire. The reader’s mind should be put to ease – – we have, if I am not thinking aloud, much to cheer about after years of Indo-Pak populace nuking each other out to oblivion; decades of civil strife taking the lifeblood out of a tiny island nation – the land of the Emerald Pearl – Sri Lanka …… infighting, ethnic insurgency, over-the-top South Indian silver-screen demi-gods romancing and chasing half-witted, half-aged demure damsels, over-hyped cricket-mad — sports-scene taking the centre-stage in the broadest of broadsheets of world news papers. Just to put matters in its length & breadth of this diatribe –


Fixated-insinuation or rather a self-fulfilling prophecy: the importation of a culture from a bygone era. In the land of sitar, sarod, dhol and tabla does not homogenize into a well-balanced formulaic melody. For starters, we have given the world a hefty dose of trade of the finest fabric – Muslin (cloth spun out of the finest and sturdy cotton), believed to be so fine it could be folded into a match-box, thenceforth culture of fashion was eked out from our very land, being at the fore-front for long: until a nascent period took its toll. Deeply silhouetted in the realms of the Bengali culture is a magical language we all endearingly follow as pilgrims seeking retribution and redemption: simultaneously creating transposed domains and the transmogrified digital spaces could not help but augur the organic crystallization of a new bass-line to cater to new forms of thought-provoking art-scape.

Lo & Behold

Very biblical, the reader might infer — I am to etch out a phenomenon that has DHAKAITES by storm — a musical extravanga, a bonanza of sorts, as an addendum to our daily reprimands of mechanized life( pun intended)!!!!

The Labyrinthine Acuity

The trajectory of the bedroom veat producer is on the rise, as evidenced by the huge release and daily turnouts in the popular music portals and file-sharing platforms as diverse in group-collective as Soundcloud, ipso facto – rank newbie churning out tune after tune in the comfort of their homes, i.e. idiot savants defying the limbic system to heterogenize a perpetual motion of structured sounds, vibes emanating out of the most simple plug ‘n play instruments, is it noise or music or the mathematics of melodies, notes and engineered consent ? —- wonder if Mozart and Beethoven would have been outraged by the wanton iconoclasm at these triumphant non-puritans…..(sic)…..

Humanoid Humdrum/Metaphysical Mainstay

According to the bigwigs of sociology ~ what one needs to do to gauge how a nation is faring in its multi-layered fabric of cultural activity is ~ per se — delve into the collier spectrum of performing arts: as much as we hate to admit that electronic music is neither performing nor a visual art or for that matter; a cognizant manifestation of the creator/producer. I for one would love to differ on the notion of a benign thought by contemplating the fact from the top and the surface the whole sound-to-music game may be bereft of an articulate imagination , but here lies the beauty, the language of electronic music is all about 0s & 1s, cognitive coagulation, jump-started, provoked energy in motion, nevertheless, a slice from any mark of the track would take the listener into the psyche of the artist, the beginning and the ending would provide them with SUM TO WHOLE experience/delirium. Litany aside, with or without lyrics, the aesthetics of the portraiture, oeuvre and last but not the least, de-formulated rendition in what precisely the producer/artist is trying to say remains for a true-blue listeners’ imaginarium : cog its wheels.

Air-dropped Martian

Could electronic music be the clarion call for a new horizon of modernity’s mindscape, I say it could, because if a country’s cultural fulcrum is balanced, it might in the not so distant future be a fledgling reality for tools as broad as diplomacy, rapprochement and if I’m not speaking off the top of my head; not turn nations always finding themselves at the receiving end of ethnic cleansing, war-torn, self-inflicting damage — a Geo-poltical petri-dish for advanced , civilized group of elite economies. In all the chaos, amidst the rubble of debris, a budding half-Picasso , a dash of Gibran , a cent-per-cent Nazrul , and a mercurial Moroder is likely to be discovered. Where is the pragmatist in me taking a beating, initially I will, but eventually my happy healthy heart says …….. if there is a beat as relevant, rational to pervade conduits and inner sanctums of the socio-economic anima.

Denazifying Valium moms and Viagra dads

Heaped in moribund societal stratagems shaping nations and nationalities, sophists and stoics, free-riders and toned-down totalitarians, playing havoc with set ideologies, wrecking a discreet charm only to make-do with their perturbed feelings: missing in essence that plurality is only and if only possible when manacles of human thought or creativity is allowed to fire in all four cylinders, the literature and phraseology of sound, punctuated by the artist can create the synergy to harmonize/neutralize the dystopian global engineers of the leaderless, thereby necessitating matters to deal with real world problems in all its plethora is to find a medium of art (the exemplar being: electronic music) ; which can transliterate future sounds (electronic/digital) enabling freedom of expression without prejudice/bias.

Digressed Duologue

The sociological compass and the constituents of a cross-section of artists can be beatified by giving or letting them find their ‘True – north’; however, an unbecoming reality for Electronica producers would spell eternal damnation is if they would not stay true to their sounds, henceforth keeping in mind that the sound effects produced is a reflection of their veracity and the message it carries is altogether not a mendacious propaganda.

by Imran R Khan 

DES Masterclass


Dhaka Electronica Scene is all set to unleash a series of detailed workshops on various aspects of music production, DJing and live electronic music performances for all aspiring and experienced music producers based in Bangladesh this summer- the DES Masterclass.

The only non-profit dedicated to electronic music to exist in Bangladesh, DES is anchored in Dhaka while maintaining and working with its global network of producers, patrons, media channels and partners to cater to an internationally growing demand for electronic music, with a touch of local integrity exclusive to them. They’ve put their global network to good use so far by developing local producers at the grassroots level with the help of workshops facilitated by international producers, performers and patrons. Now, they’ve decided to open up more learning opportunities to more producers in and out of DES in a series of open workshops with the help of their traction.

Starting around mid-August, four sessions of workshops will take place in batches of 10. The sessions will be facilitated by internationally acclaimed and accomplished producers and performers: Hasib Reza, a producer and sound engineer based in Kuwait, will deliver an introductory crash course on production; Turkish producer and award-winning DJ, Don Donadoni will be instructing on a particular form of DJing; and British music technologist and engineer, Gawain Hewitt will have travelled all the way with the help of Art Council England and British Council London to deliver an advanced lesson on music production as part of a partnership with DES. Also being offered are limited seats to an introductory workshop on live visual performances for the first time in Bangladesh, facilitated by SK Reshan, a visual artist who is in Colombo himself at the moment, attending a closed workshop by Berlin-based visual crew, Pfadfinderei.

For all aspiring and experienced music producers looking forward to make the best of this summer, this is the perfect opportunity to learn, share and network. Further details on attending costs, participation formalities, and scheduling is available on DES Masterclass’ Facebook event page.

by Maliha Mohsin

Let’s Talk About Love


Dear electronic music haters of the world,

It didn’t take much for me to know that you exist, and I understand your disposition on the matter most of the time (special thanks to Skrillex’s popularity for that). I also acknowledge that you have every right to your opinions, of which you are very vocal on forums and discussion boards that repetitively imply how electronic musicians and listeners are spreading the devil’s infection all over with beats and connections to sinful raves. I now empathize with the death metal fans, but no number of offensive allegations can make me feel for the adult Babymetal fans. Hating is perfectly natural, but not questioning why countless people all over the world obsess over this genre that you don’t completely understand, is not. After all the criticism, why can’t you afford 3 more words to ask, “y u luv”?

Assuming that you want to know why our playlists are full of electronic music (that is not limited to Guetta, Avicii, Skrillex and Tiesto as most of you think), I’d like to talk about why I love it.

A good electronic track never really gets old.
Electronic music is about detail and pulling the listener into a specific mood. It’s hard to imagine why Daft Punk would produce ‘Too long’, a 10 minute long track that sounds almost just the same from the beginning to the end. Once made to suffer through it though, I had no choice but to pay attention and realize that the detailing in this apparently simple track is just immaculate. Stockholm’s Syndrome? Maybe. Or the track is just great, with its nuances, teases, build-up and climax. What you call repetition, I call progression. 3 years after it first hit my senses, it still gets better and better every time I listen to it from a different player or set of speakers. Brilliant electronic music producers are clearly not just playing with their computers, but building intricate works that can drive listeners into an obsession to find another ring of a bell, or one more pluck of a string.

Experimentation leading to an infinite number of combinations and mixes.
Music itself is infinite. And here we have electronic musicians bold enough to try and revive legendary tracks with technology. A Bob Marley track mixed and mashed with 3 other electronic tracks (Ken Loi mix of Jammin’), an upbeat dance track turned into a mellow lullaby, and sad country music turned into a macabre track full of mechanical noises. Samples taken from classics in mixes good or bad have always had one good effect- the resurgence of the classic for the newer audience. Embracing technology in music has given birth to so many genres that we can no longer keep count, and on the other hand, it has also brought diverging genres together in new collaborations. Here, rock meets house, country meets EDM, reggae meets progressive, blues meets hip-hop.

Making music accessible for the average music-obsessed joe.
Elitists would say, “Why should someone be able to make music after fiddling around with a PC for a while?” Because who doesn’t want to make music (remember how you wanted to be in a rock band in high-school?). Yes, maybe these ‘geeks’ don’t spend hours learning to play a guitar, or banging on drums till their limbs go numb, or don’t toil for hours to perfect their vocal work. But it’s quite presumptuous of someone to say that all one has to do to make electronic music is just press keys. All my life, I’ve tried to understand what those huge panels of buttons and keys are for in recording studios. Why can’t a composer or producer be a musician? And why is it that music- something that itself doesn’t discriminate among people- must only be produced by someone with a musical instrument or a persona worthy of winning a reality-singing competition? The beauty of electronic music is that it could be anyone with the love for sounds making something new using the most accessible gadget in present times- a computer. Proof is in how insomnia-ridden Adam Young found solace in his parents’ basement, experimenting with music, and came up with the electronica project, ‘Owl City’. And then, ‘Fireflies’ was everywhere.

The irony is just very entertaining.
The presence of electronic elements and technology in music can’t be denied, and this assimilation probably started long before you were born. You can scoff at me and say that I’m deluded for thinking so. But you can try believing that when you go crazy on your favorite electric guitar solo, or when you’re listening to Coldplay or Muse. Mixing and synthesizing have become essentials in music production, and any track made by a group that embraces this to the fullest extent and identifies with this genre, all of a sudden, becomes too hipster to handle or just not ‘music enough’. But when Kanye mixes his songs with samples from classics and even other electronic tracks, it’s music. Electronic music is ubiquitous and closing in on you, in the shape of a hit pop single, a new album by your favorite progressive rock band, or even avant-garde musicians that are finding music in the ruckus of everyday noise.

It’s ok that you hate our choice of music and think that electronic music is just dubstep or Guetta’s sell-out collaborations with pop-artists. It’s fine that you think it is synonymous with substance abuse and intoxication. I, here, will continue listening to ‘noise’ and will gladly share some of it in the added playlist, should you decide to give it a try

·     Gaff’s Eulogy’ by Andrew Bayer

·     Henry Green’s mix of ‘Electric Feel’ by MGMT

·     Pete Oak mix of ‘Hollow Talk’ by Choir of Young Believers

·     KYGO remix of ‘I See Fire’ by Ed Sheeran

·    ‘First Fires’ by Bonobo

Feel free to enjoy in secrecy, just in case you’re ashamed of letting the world know that you like the sound of these. And if you don’t, you’re always free to go back to hating the genre with utmost enthusiasm.

A Happy Electronic Music Enthusiast.
by Maliha Mohsin

‘Luminescence’ is a scintillating new single from Solarein

Ever felt like you always want what you can’t have? ‘Luminescence’ is a compelling ambient-electronic spell from ‘Solarein’, the brainchild of producer Vru Patel. The shoegaze project has roots in Boston and India, but is currently based in Lublin, Poland.

The song is a catchy departure from his previous work, full of scintillating synths and a charged bass line, capturing the darkness of fruitless desires. This psychedelic labyrinth of sound comes out in January on digital platforms like Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

Solarein’s previous releases, ‘Aequus’ (described as a power track by Nada Brahma portal), ‘Through Time’, and ‘Forty Thousand’ have been pivotal in building the artistic momentum. ‘Luminescence’ is the single that precedes Solarein’s upcoming full length album, due in April 2014.

DES partner organizer of Bangladesh Startup Cup!

Bangladesh StartUp Cup: Music and Panel

January 31st 2014

The MUSIC and PANEL is the 4th outreach event in the run up to the launch of Bangladesh Startup Cup to promote the Cup among the startups from the Creative Industries such as Fashion and Design, Publishing and Advertising, Film-making and Photography in general and the Music StartUps in particular. 

Power of Music, Driving and how technology is shaping Bangladeshi businesses

I always think that music is about entertainment, harmony and relaxation. But music is not as simple as it sounds like; it carries so many important aspects than just enjoyable sounds for the ear.

For many music lovers, Boethius maybe is not as famous as Michael Jackson or Madonna. And no, it is not a singer name nor a name of an Irish band. He was philosopher of the early 6th century and the first person who has his musical work printed between 1491 and 1992 in Venice. Through his book, he divides music into 3 divisions. First, musica humana it is about the harmony of the sphere. Second,  musica humana -the harmony of human soul and body, and lastly, musica in instrumentis constituta or music instrument.

My interest is more about musica humana. In simple word, it is about how music relate to human body. The combination of both can be found quite common in medical research. There are even some profound researches dedicated only to the area such as musica humana research based in Copenhagen and peer review journal by the Korean Institute for Musicology.

The easiest application of musica humana can be found in the research of Dr. Simon Moore, a researcher at London Metropolitan University. He investigates about how music could influence the driving style. He conducted an experiment to 8 male and female drivers who were asked to drive 500 miles. They were later judged based on speed, acceleration and braking. Dr.Moore found that the music with beats that mimicking the human heartbeat (at about 60 to 80 beats per minute) is the safest music tune for drivers. Music that is noisy and upbeat increase the driver’s heart rate and it can lead excitement and arousal that makes the driver concentrate more on the music than on the road. Additionally, fast tempo can cause people to speed up to match the beat of the song. But do not force yourself to hear the music that you don’t like as it could also cause stress and distraction.

Understanding this fact might be helpful for drivers in the country with a huge traffic like Bangladesh, where driving experience could be very stressful and unfortunately, the number of cars will not be reduced at any time soon. Many foreign companies even invest more in the automotive industry in Bangladesh. Take an example of Carmudi.com.bd who is backed by German mega internet incubator, Rocket Internet, who joined the packed traffic in Bangladesh just couple of months ago. They also provide many vehicle types from brands like Yamaha, Honda, Nissan and many others. Other shopping online who also gain the benefit from Bangladesh prosperous automotive industry is Bikroy.com. On this website that sells almost everything, buyers could choose car accessories such as audio and video, easily by looking at the pictures on the left which also comes with detail description of the product.

Driving in Bangladesh might not always be pleasant. One way to calm yourself is by carefully choosing the music that accompanies you along the road. “Listening a calm music could lead to more physiological calmness and improved driving performance and were thus safer and more effective”, report researcher Marjolein van der Zwaag from Philips Research Laboratories. So, maybe you want to enjoy your favorite

Words Julie Huang

Trailer of ‘Invisible Boundaries’

Directed by Jaami A Farooq
Research and Produced by Khan Mohammad Faisal
DOP by Sk Reshan
Cinematography by Sk Reshan and Huq Amit , Shoummo Saha
Narration by Tauqir Ahmed
Music by Dhaka Electronica Scene

Production by Akāliko Records
Studio Kaaktalio
Supported by Dhaka Electronica Scene

Made possible by fund received from Goethe-Institut Bangladesh